Importance of including snacks in our daily diet

There won’t be a single mom who wouldn’t have scolded her child for eating snacks in between meals. Snacking in India is not considered healthy and people refrain from snacking just because of certain myths. Today let’s explore some interesting facts about snacking and how it is beneficial for staying healthy and fit:

Helps in preventing overeating
Healthy snacking in between meals helps you from overeating. A combination of protein and carbohydrate rich snack will keep your hunger pangs at bay, and only adequate amount of food will be required for meal rather than gorging over large amount of food even if it is not required.

Snacking removes boredom, especially at work
Snacking something nutritious in midst of your work, will engage yourself in an involuntary activity which will in turn keep your energy levels up making you will feel active and fresh. Especially those who work on computers, healthy snacking will be a refreshing activity with not much effort, as you have to just munch. Just take care of not consuming too much of a quantity.

Stabilizes your blood sugar level
Having a steady blood sugar is very important for a body. Noticeable dip and rise in blood sugar level can lead to various health related issues such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Regular intake of healthy snacks rich in carbohydrates will keep the blood sugar level uniform throughout.

Provides you with all the missing nutrients
Sometimes your daily diet may not contain all the nutrients that is needed by your body to stay fit and proactive. Healthy snacking provides you with all the nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fat missing in your diet, catering your body with good health and energy.

For all the caring mothers out there, snacking is vital for a body’s overall development and growth if taken in adequate quantity and at specific time. So next time don’t discourage the consumption of snacks and instead adopt a healthy snacking habit for a balance and fit lifestyle!